Ashley & Fitti : Canada Aviation and Space Museum Wedding

The sky was the limit for Ashley and Fitti's wedding at the Canada Space and Aviation Museum in Ottawa

That laugh though!

Ashley, the bride, has the most amazing laugh and she loves to use it. And Fitti, the groom, loves to make her laugh.

Ashley and Fitti came to me through referrals and watching me work as I photographed some of their friend's weddings in the past.

A few weeks before the wedding we made some epic images during their engagement shoot in Canada's political sparring arena, The House of Commons in the centre block of Parliament Hill - which may be a first!

After photographing Fitti and his boys, my assistant and I jetted over to Ashley's parent's house where we caught up with everyone chilling with some good food and bubbly.

With lots of time to spare, Ashley, along with her mom and bridesmaids, decided to dip their feet in the pool - which considering it was the last weekend in September was pretty amazing.

This gave me some time to get a couple fun detail shots of the shoes in a wall of cedars, much to the concern of Ashley's mom. I like finding different and sometimes risky locations for detail shots as it helps turn a normally static image up a couple notches.

Later, there was a really nice moment full of emotion where the bridesmaids saw Ashley in her wedding dress. I was able to get a nice picture of one of her oldest friends wiping away tears, framed in Ashley's bent arm.

The wedding ceremony was held at St. John the Apostle in Ottawa. While the church is a bit on the dark side, it does have a lot of nice symmetry and lines.

On the way to do family portraits we made a pit stop at a McDonald's - which took a little longer than everyone had hoped - due mostly to a groomsman waiting on a large bag of those addictive fries.

The delay would later prove to be a blessing in disguise.

The original plan was to do family at Ottawa's Experimental Farm and the bridal photos downtown at Major's Hill Park on the way to the reception venue.

But with the delay I suggested we stay and get everything done at the Ornamental Gardens on the farm in order to make up lost time and catch the last bits of dying light. As you can see in the first image of the set, it paid off big time!

With time now in hand and the sun almost set we took off in the limo bus to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum where over 200 people were about to have a great night surrounded by the country's aviation history.

The dinner was catered by renowned Ottawa chef, Michael Blackie, from NeXT restaurant.

The speeches were great with lots of laughs and tears.

Congrats to Ashley and Fitti!


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