Billings Estate Wedding : Jared & Janelle

Summer rains don't dampen this Billings Estate wedding

Jared and Janelle's wedding on the grounds of the Billings Estate Museum was the highlight of my 2017 season. Coming off a great engagement session in Ottawa's arboretum and Hintonburg community, I knew there was going to be some magic in this wedding. Going in I only hoped that I'd be up to the task of capturing all the genuine moments I knew there would be.

With a light drizzle coming down we started our day in the dry under the Wellington St. bridge near the National Arts Centre for a first look and some bridal party portraits before heading to a park on along Bank St. for a couple more with just the two of them.

Wisely, Jared and Janelle had brought a bright blue vintage umbrella that really popped against the muted greens of the damp park. It also went really well with her vintage-inspired wedding dress - but what do I know, I'm just the photographer.

Some of my favourite images from the day happened while Janelle waited inside the Billings Estate Museum building watching through old lead windows as guest arrived.

Devoted to their religion, Jared and Janelle brought their Parkdale United Church family to them in the form of Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey, a vocal leader in the Ottawa religious community. I later had the pleasure of working with the reverend for an Ottawa Citizen video in which religious leaders spoke out against a rising tide of racism in the community.

Rev. Dr. Bailey performed a stellar ceremony under the tent, even concluding it with a song.

After the ceremony the wedding headed to the Glebe Community Centre for the reception.

Now it's time to get real.

Not all weddings are "zingers." Any Ottawa wedding photographer that tells you that is lying. There are so many variables from weather, to people's moods, to family dynamics and, to be honest, to how fresh the photographer is that day that determine how well a wedding goes.

When I look back on all my great weddings, while some of these factors can be in play, one thing is constant: the couple is in the moment and letting me do my thing without the constant need for direction and reassurance that pulls me out of my zone.

Jared and Janelle were my ideal subject and as you can see from the images below, their love for each other, for family and for their God is apparent.