Museum of Nature Wedding : Jon & Katie


Jon and Katie's wedding at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa was one of my favourites of the year. Photographing this wedding was like photographing a family member's wedding as Jon was a close friend of Sven and Paul who's wedding I had previously done.

In fact, Paul and Sven were groomsman in Jon and Katie's wedding.

Katie is my ideal bride: real.

She doesn't get hung up in the frivolous details and was really present throughout the whole day. She didn't stress when the weather went up, down and all around.

I started the day photographing Jon, Paul and Sven grabbing a bite at Il Negozio Necastro in Westboro where the watch a bit of premier league football before heading back to Jon and Katie's place to get ready.

Meanwhile Katie was getting ready in a hotel downtown with long-time friends and an adoring mother.

Later, Jon and Katie shared a first look in the Garden of the Provinces under a tree of golden leaves.

Katie even got into the photography action by helping with some lighting as my assistant took a "family" photo of me and guys.

From there we went to the Museum of Nature where they were joined by a loving collection of family and friends for their ceremony in the Queen's Lantern.

A great reception followed which included a classic father-of-the-bride speech and some great moments on the dance floor with Katie, her Dad and her grandmother - who's in her 90s!

Thanks for stopping by - Enjoy

(Photos by Darren Brown or Scott Adamson)