Justin & Danielle : Ottawa Wedding Photography


The Ottawa wedding photography of J+D's Ompah Barn-Burner

The Ottawa wedding photography for Justin and Danielle was intended to by my gift to them but, in reality, it turned out to be their gift to me.

You see Justin and Danielle are two of me and my fiance, Lisa’s, closest friends. In fact, Justin will be my best man during my 2013 wedding.

My coverage started, as it often does, with the bride getting ready. I slide by Danielle’s Hintonburg home and photographed her and the bridesmaids getting ready, finalizing speeches and having a couple drinks.

Then I booted it to Danielle’s family farm in Ompah, Ont., the Silent Vally Alpaca Ranch, where Justin was getting ready with the groomsmen. I was bummed that I missed the dip in the lake but worked hard to make up for it while Justin got ready.

It’s not often that I come away with more “getting ready” images for the groom’s side then the bride but with Justin and his friends being so cool in front of the camera, it wasn’t hard to rack up the shots.

Justin did what I want all grooms to do which is to be himself, let down his guard and connect with people around him.

Some of my favourite shots include Justin doing a straight razor shave and his father helping with his attire, which was all from 18 Waits out of Toronto, Canada.

After a simple, yet touching wedding ceremony under a tree behind the house, we set off for some fun bridal party portraits.

For Justin and Danielle’s portraits, we jumped into a Gator all-terrain vehicle and headed off into the bush toward the lake with me and my light stands bouncing around in the back.

As we toured the area, a nearly-200-year-old farmhouse (from an long-gone family called the Cheaters - seriously) , the lake, lush August greenery, a country lane, the highway (as we drove along it with me still bouncing around in the back) and an old steel gate provided an amazing variety of wedding portrait backdrops.

Back at the farmhouse Justin and Danielle joined their friend the usual wedding tradition of...axe throwing.

The reception dinner including a pig roast for nearly 120 people under a huge tent was handled by Ottawa’s Havana Cafe.

Finally, the night ended with the inevitable “Pants-off, Dance-off”, a tradition among their friends.

While I headed back to the estate’s log cabin to sleep and cramp up from severe dehydration, everyone else camped out under a starry summer night.

Enjoy, Darren