Kelly & Jonny : Nova Scotia Wedding Photography

Intimate East Coast wedding on the shores of the Atlantic

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Man, sometimes life has a way of showing you how good it can get.

Kelly and Jonny's wedding was the focal point to a trip out to Canada's East Coast to see my an old friend, Scott Munn, from photojournalism college.

I had wrapped up the bulk of my weddings for the season and wanted to get out of Ottawa for a bit. Scott had invited me up a while back so I decided to head out before the weather turned.

The plan was we would tag-team on a small wedding on the South Shore and then tour around Cape Breton.

I met the bride for the first time at The Quarterdeck the night before the wedding. Kelly is a yoga teacher and RMT in Halifax and, as yoga teachers generally go, super chill. She made me feel very welcome and was stoked to have me join in the next day's celebration.

Jonny, her groom, is equally laid back and is quick to flash a toothy grin.

The entire wedding was small, 42 guests and that included Scott and I.

I love small weddings. They move fast and because there are fewer people to orchestrate you end up with a much more intimate feeling to the wedding images.

Being the person with the most wedding experience, I was happy to jump in and offer my two cents to organize a few ceremony logistics during rehearsal.

Small weddings can be big on real moments

My overall experience on the wedding day is something I will likely reflect on for a while and see how I can replicate it.

After a great workout in the Quarterdeck gym, I met up with the boys - Scott was with the ladies - and shot while they had breakfast.

Generally during this time I'm not looking to make a lot of pictures but rather get the guys to be comfortable with me so that when the time comes for the real photos, I have their trust and can make more meaningful, authentic wedding photos.

With Jonny and Kelly getting ready so close together, when Kelly popped some champagne with the bridesmaids, I was able to run over and grab another, lower angle from Scott's position. ( Sorry Scott - I think I got the shot on this one..)

The rest of the day I'm going to credit to the power of the ocean, the loving vibe put out by the entire wedding party and their family and the joy of working with a great photographer and friend.

There was a great first look with Kelly and Jonny, fun shots on the ocean with the entire bridal party in bare feet, a quaint ceremony in a small, white room and a great cocktail and dinner.

Thanks to having WiFi on my Nikon D750, I was able to send about 16 images to my iPhone and edit them using Snapseed. I then sent them to friends of the bride and groom who had organized a slideshow to play after the reception.

It was such a great moment to surprise the family and bridal party during the dinner as they saw images from just hours ago displayed on a large screen.

I couldn't miss on this day. I got so many images that I love, images that speak to fleeting, yet meaningful moments.

Big thanks to Jonny and Kelly and their entire family.

Here's to years of happiness, Cheers!