Ottawa Arboretum Engagement Photography


Great light, nice breeze and gorgeous couple make for an amazing Ottawa engagement photography session

Jared and Janelle took full advantage of a beautiful summer night in Ottawa to make some stellar engagement photographs in Ottawa's Hintonburg community as well as the iconic backdrop of the arboretum in all its wooded glory.

We had a golden light from a setting sun and a perfect breeze that seemed to blow Janelle's blond hair in just the right way.

I should mention that Janelle's also my home girl as we both grew up in Sarnia, ON.

We started off the evening at Ministry of Coffee in Hintonburg on their Wellington St. patio with the sun bounces off windows across the street and bathing them in glorious light you couldn't create if you tried.

With the sun dropping quickly, we piled in their car and zipped over to the Arboretum.

With bikes in hand we descended into the valley by Rideau Canal and found a nice tree under which to sit and make some pictures.

We wrapped up back in Hintonburg and at Ministry of Coffee for a cool-down drink.