Ottawa Engagement Photography



Consider an engagement photography shoot if you're planning on getting married

One of the great things about my Ottawa engagement photography is it really offers couples who are uncomfortable in front of the camera - and of course, who is comfortable in front of a camera? - a chance to get used to the process of having their picture taken...a lot.

Now, generally on an engagement shoot, I'm shooting anywhere between 500 to 1000 images. That seems like a lot but the engagement shoots that I do are really structured casually and look very close to a night out on the town so there's lots of time to get great images.

I encourage my couples to dress up like they were going out for a drink at their favourite bar or restaurant, which is why I like I like to pick a location that means something to them.

In the places that matter most to you

A lot of couples love to get their engagement photography done in and around the neighbourhood that they live. In Ottawa, we've got a couple great neighbourhoods like Westborough and Hintonburg with lots of character. Along with the Byward Market, they are great sets for shooting these engagement shoots.

Which leads me to my next point. A lot of couples will use the engagement photography for a couple things: you've got the save the date card, you've got a nice canvas that you'll put on the gift table at your wedding or maybe you'll use a lot of those photographs in a photo album on the wedding, which guests can sign to offer their best wishes.

But I like to look at the engagement shoot as something a little bit more than that. You know, this really is your life. This is the story of you as a couple and it's a great chance to have your photograph taken not in your wedding dress and not in your tuxedo but as you really are...every day.

Relax and have a blast!

My engagement photography shoots are very laid-back, they're very fun. I'm looking for a lot of interaction. I'm looking for a lot of touching, for a lot of kissing and it's probably one of the best nights you're gonna have that week! And we're gonna have a lot of fun!

This is your life and wouldn't it be great to have some amazing photographs of you as a couple in love that you can show your kids when they get older.

If you're getting married then definitely contact me and I can show you your life like you've never seen it!

Cheers, Darren