Paul & Kayla : Evermore Wedding Photography in Almonte

James Naismith's old farm residence hosts a youthful wedding at Evermore in Almonte

One week after working with Christian Lee I found myself back at Evermore Wedding and Events in Almonte for another great wedding, this time with Joel from Road29 Photography.

Joel is also part owner of this amazing venue so he know's it like the back of his hand.

Just like I was with Christian, Joel task me with being his right-hand man and capturing some early detail shots and the guys getting ready when they arrive.

It was a young wedding, a rarity today, rooted in family, friends and religion.

The wedding party was large with 8 groomsmen on one side and 9 bridesmaids on the other.

When the guys arrived I already capture some nice details of the venue so I got right to work moving around them as they laughed and struggled to put on their ties.

The light coming in from two large side barn doors made for great colour and contrast and I was able to use some nice mirrors for added layering.

My favourite shot of the day, and so far the year, has to be when they all went out being the large tent and play Wiffle ball.

You can't plan stuff like this and the shot of the batter, with bat falling back towards the lens and three groomsmen on the right-hand side looking up to a green ball set high in a blue sky is a winner for sure.

My second favourite picture came shortly after the girls arrived in their limo.

Great images come as much from listening as they do from seeing. I heard one of the bridesmaids say they should say a prayer for Kayla before they went in.

So as they all crowded back into the limo I followed, lying down on the floor and shooting back towards the bride who was lit by gorgeous light pouring in the open back door.

I apologised profusely as I tried hard not to lie on the bridesmaids' feet. And then I held my breath and clicked away as they prayed.

The rest of the day went smoothly as Joel smoothly steered the ship and I was relieved of my duties for him to wrap up the rest of the reception.

I can't wait to go back to Evermore Weddings and Events in Almonte, especially if it's as nice as it was those past two weddings.