Mayfair Theatre & LAGO Wedding : Rosemary & Ataa

Unique theatre ceremony highlights Ottawa Persian wedding

Rosemary and Ataa brought their zest for life all the way from Vancouver to Ottawa and created a memorable day for both family and friends when they held their two-ceremony wedding at Mayfair Theater and LAGO Bar Grill.

As Rosemary got ready in a suite at the Lord Elgin Hotel with her bridesmaid, the excitement was palpable. I could really tell how much this day meant to her when tears well in her eyes as she saw herself in the mirror for the first time.

The Lord Elgin's classic architectural details matched perfectly with Rosemary's vintage-style dress. Using the art-deco hallways complete with old rotary-dial telephone and elevator frames really put the dress in a timeless setting.

As she looked out the window that overlooked Confederation Park, the light from the brightly overcast day rolled over her delicate features, her look reminiscent of a 1930's Hollywood actress.

Being a pretty serious film buff, Ataa had arranged for an engagement shoot themed in a film-noir/spy thriller with Ataa rocking the fedora and Rosemary handling the steel.

Above the Mayfair's doors the marque read "The Persian Puffin".

As one of the oldest theatres in the region the Mayfair boasts some classic architecture and design details that harken back to a bygone era of cinema.

After the ceremony concluded and with the curtains pulled I made my way to the back of the theatre to create a dramatic bride and groom portrait that included the vaulted ceiling and faux-balconies.

The next stop was a quiet strip park along Bank St. in the popular Glebe neighbourhood that featured majestic willow trees swaying in a summer breeze.

The bridal party brought out some props they had for a few fun portraits before I stole Rosemary and Ataa away for a couple dramatic bride and groom portraits.

Downtown later set the scene for an intimate couples portrait and a dramatic city-scape photo featuring the Chateau Laurier in the background.

At LAGO the Persian flavour was turned up to "11" where shouts and singing echoed off the banquet walls and colours shot through the lens.

Fingers dipped in honey. Confetti raining from the ceiling.

It was really nice to photograph a slice of one's culture and it really brought an authenticity to the day. It made me feel like I was in another world, like my favourite National Geographic photographers, capturing something that you just don't often at weddings in Ottawa.

After dinner and drinks, the groom turned on "Beast Mode" and thrilled family and friends with a pretty amazing garter-removal routine.

A single male friend who caught the garter soon found himself spinning in circles on Ataa's back.

Enjoy the images!


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