Thomas & Lea : Evermore Weddings & Events

New beginnings in an old setting make for an unforgettable country chic wedding in Almonte

Many people I speak with in my travels comment on the competitive nature of wedding photography.

And while that may be true I've found the wedding photography community, especially here in Ottawa, to be extremely supportive.

If I'm book on a particular day I go out of my way to set my that bride or groom with photographers that I know and trust.

I've set many weddings to my "competition" and they have reciprocated.

So what a treat it was when a photographer that I call a great friend, Christian Lee, asked me to help him out on a wedding at Evermore Weddings and Events in Almonte.

He had to run the Ottawa Marathon the next day and wanted me to come in and help with the dinner and reception photography.

Having never run a marathon I totally understood why he might want me for backup ;-)

Another great thing was that I had just agreed to assist Joel, the venue owner, the following week so it would be a great introduction to the space.

Here are the images from my perspective on the day.

All the best to Thomas and Lea and feel free to check out the great work of Christian!