VIDEO - Ashley and Corey : Museum of History Wedding


Corey and Ashley keep summer alive with their beautiful Ottawa wedding at the Museum of History



As a storyteller, wedding videos have always been something I've been wanted to get into and experience. As a former video editor and multimedia journalist for a large daily newspaper in Ottawa, the Ottawa Citizen, I'm familiar with telling storeys through both still and moving images.

In leading up to my first wedding video, I let many of my contemporaries in the Ottawa wedding photography world know that I was looking for a great couple who would be willing to take a chance on my wedding videography and hire me essentially site-unseen.

Corey and Ashley, clients of my friend and talented photographer Blair Gable, were game. After seeing some of the documentaries I had made while at the Ottawa Citizen, they jumped in.

It's been a long time since I've actually felt nervous before shooting a wedding. In fact, many of the emotions I experienced reminded me of the first weddings I did.

Leading up to the wedding, which I was filming by myself, I did all the preparing I could to make sure that both I and my equipment were ready for everything I was expecting and not expecting.

I bought extra cables, made sure every single battery I had was charged and ready to go and made sure I had a charger on hand in case I used them all up - which I did.

The biggest difference and complication to video over stills is not that your images are moving but rather it's the audio. If you don't have audio you don't have video. When's the last time you watched a silent film or even a film with crappy sound for that matter?

So making sure my Zoom H6 recorder was working and my lav mics getting the "I do's" was paramount. That said there was a lot of learning on the fly.

For instance, I didn't know where the audio feed was for the church until I got there and then realizing that it was way in the back meant that I couldn't plug my lav mics into it for audio recording so I had to jump quickly to plan B.

There was a lot of Plan B happening on that day but that's all part of learning and part of the extra complications that audio brings to the production.

Overall, I'm happy with the result and have made my notes on how I'd like to do things differently next time, where I'd like to improve and where I know I got it right.

I can't wait to do more wedding videography in 2018!