Wedding First Look : 2 Reasons why you need one


Remember all the "feels" with a First Look at your wedding

Many couples choose not to see each other on their wedding day until the ceremony. While some might think it is romantic to not lay eyes on each other until it is time for the “I dos,” others might only be following along because it is tradition.

However, following an outdated tradition might be costing couples a chance at some amazing First Look photographs.

first look photograph at orchard view estates in ottawa

The tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other the day of the wedding comes from a time when many marriages were arranged and it was custom for the groom not to lay eyes on his bride. Marriages were more like business arrangements between two families. It was believed that if the groom saw the bride before the ceremony, and didn’t like what he saw, that he could potentially back out of the marriage arrangement.

That also explains why brides wear veils. It was customary for a woman’s face to be covered right up until the moment the ceremony began to ensure there was zero opportunity for the groom to change his mind once that veil was lifted.

Rather than opting for an old, passé tradition, why not opt to see each other earlier in the day? This can actually serve two purposes for a couple. One: It can help to calm nerves before the ceremony, ensuring that you are both more relaxed when the time comes to exchange “I dos” before family and friends. Two: A couple can take some First Look photographs earlier in the day when you have control over the scene and are looking fresh and relaxed.

first look wedding photography at westin ottawa

When done correctly, First Look wedding photographs offer a couple the chance to capture a private moment. Photographers will often work with a couple, setting up the First Look reaction shot the way the couple imagines it, such as on the 10th hole of a golf course. First Look photographs have the potential to be creative, fun, spontaneous and on location.

first look wedding photography at Ottawa Golf and Hunt Club

While there is nothing wrong with opting for the traditional aisle reactionary shots, First Look shots capture a more private moment between a couple before the wedding.